Unique conference of Rwandan youth inside and outside Rwanda

May 29, 2021

For the first time since the 1994 genocide, Rwandan youth inside and outside of Rwanda are engaging in an own-initiative discussion on cooperation and the future of the country.

On 29 May 2021 our conference will take place:


How can Rwanda achieve true reconciliation and shared prosperity

Speakers are:

Johan Swinnen, was Belgian ambassador to Rwanda during the genocide and expert Great Lakes Region. He will discuss the role of the international community in Rwanda.

Gloria Uwishema lives and works in the Netherlands and has been politically active for many years. She asks if and how Rwanda can live with its own history.

Prosper Iraguha-Shima is an entrepreneur and an expert on trade with the Great Lakes Region in Africa. He asks questions about the close relationship between the Netherlands and Rwanda.

Dr Egide Ndayishimiye is a doctor and lives in South Africa. For years, he has been an advocate for a peaceful and stable Great Lakes region. He looks at South Africa. Can that country serve as an example for Rwanda?

Natascha Abinegeye, board member of the Belgian Rwandan human rights organisation Jambo, asks young people what they can do together for Rwanda.

The conference starts at 14.00 and can be followed via YouTube.

At the end of the conference, conclusions and recommendations will be formulated that will be shared with Dutch and Rwandan politicians and the organisation of the Common Wealth Youth Forum and other Commonwealth agencies.

All for Rwanda is a collective of young people that wants to contribute to Rwanda’s sustainable future, through diplomacy, peaceful actions, information, and the advocacy of human rights.

ARF defends the right of freedom of expression and political freedom.

Because young people are the future of Rwanda, AFR wants to engage them in activities and discussion so they and their children can live in a peaceful, social, harmonious, and prosperous Rwanda.

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