Objectives Charter

  • Promote unity and strengthen collaboration among Rwandan actors working with and for Rwandan refugees :

“All For Rwanda” emphasizes the importance of unity among different actors involved in advocating for the rights of Rwandan refugees. The movement aims to bring together Rwandans, whether refugees or not, with a common objective of support and solidarity towards refugees. By strengthening this unity, the movement seeks to maximize the effective use of available resources and create a strong collective voice to advocate for refugee rights.


  • Highlight the refugee issue and prioritize it on the international community’s agenda to find a sustainable solution:

“All For Rwanda” considers it crucial to shed light on the issue of Rwandan refugees and ensure that this matter is taken into account by the international community. The movement commits to engage in political and diplomatic actions to raise awareness among regional and international actors about this issue, with the aim of finding sustainable solutions and ensuring the protection of refugee rights.


  • Mobilize the Rwandan community on the issue of Rwandan refugees to support solutions and enhance resources to achieve them:

“All For Rwanda” recognizes the importance of mobilizing the Rwandan community in resolving the issue of Rwandan refugees. The movement encourages Rwandans both within the country and abroad to actively support the proposed solutions and contribute to the necessary resources to achieve the movement’s objectives. It calls upon all political, social, religious, and economic organizations to provide support in any form to strengthen the impact and scope of the initiative.


  • Work to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees:

“All For Rwanda” is committed to providing humanitarian assistance to Rwandan refugees, particularly those located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other countries. Its goal is to address their humanitarian distress and ensure their essential needs are met.


  • Advocate for the protection and defense of refugees against attacks from the Rwandan army and its rebels:

“All For Rwanda” is dedicated to defending the rights of Rwandan refugees and protecting them from any form of aggression or threat to their security. It aims to raise awareness within the international community and mobilize resources to ensure their safety and protection.


  • Transform the narrative surrounding refugees:

“All For Rwanda” aims to change the current perception of Rwandan refugees, which is primarily influenced by the Kigali government. It seeks to give voice to the refugees themselves so they can define their own narrative. The objective is to raise public awareness and highlight the humanitarian distress faced by refugees and the violation of their fundamental rights, including their right to access their country of origin.


  • Promote a broad and inclusive dialogue for the dignified return of Rwandan refugees to Rwanda:

“All For Rwanda” strives to facilitate a dialogue among Rwandan refugees, the organizations representing them, the government of Kigali, and international community partners. The objective is to find peaceful and sustainable solutions for the dignified return of Rwandan refugees to their country, taking into account their security, societal, social, and political concerns.