Who are we?

Our approach


All for Rwanda develops activities to obtain for what we stand for. We organize discussions, debates, conferences. We try to engage (international) politicians, human rights organizations, youth organizations and all other interested parties in a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious future for Rwanda.


Human Rights, freedom of expression and transparency are important pillars for the activities of All for Rwanda. We try to engage people in a future for Rwanda where all political ideas are permitted, all human rights are observed, people can freely engage in debate.


We use a peaceful approach to obtain what we stand for. We will lobby for our goals through human rights organizations, politicians, youth organizations, embassies, the United Nations, the EU and all other countries and organizations that want a peaceful and prosperous future for Rwanda.


Who are we?

All for Rwanda is a collective of young people that wants to contribute to Rwanda’s sustainable future, through diplomacy, peaceful actions, information, and the advocacy of human rights.

ARF defends the right of freedom of expression and political freedom.

Because young people are the future of Rwanda, AFR wants to engage them in activities and discussion so they and their children can live in a peaceful, social, harmonious, and prosperous Rwanda.

AFR is powered by DORPA a Belgium based non-governmental organization.


Information on the AFR website reflects the opinion of the organization.

The information can be used by third parties, with reference to the source: AFR.

When necessary AFR will seek approval of owner copyright of information/images of third parties.


The exception is our discussion platform. AFR bears no responsibility for the opinions given on that page. AFR has no possibilities to do a background check on the people giving their opinion on the platform. AFR reserves the right to modify or remove contributions if they contain unlawful, defamatory obscene, threatening, offensive, harmful material or material that violates the legal rights or advertises illegal acts.

AFR will do everything to avoid ties and contacts with terrorist organizations. AFR relies on the rule of law.


On this website AFR offers links to other websites. AFR has no control over these websites. The inclusion of links does not mean a recommendation, or an endorsement of the views expressed within them.


Petition for divorce decree

Children beg Tweede Kamer not to extradite their parents to Rwanda

Op dinsdag 15 juni 2021 presenteerden de ambassadeurs voor All for Rwanda, Léandre Karangwa en Gloria Uwishema Nsengiyumva een petitie aan de vaste Kamercommissie Justitie en Veiligheid. Zowel Gloria als Léandre zijn kinderen van ouders die door de IND van genocide worden beschuldigd. In de petitie vragen zij de uitleveringen naar Rwanda te stoppen omdat het leven van hun ouders daar in gevaar komt.Vind hier alles over de presentatie van de petitie »

Unique conference about Rwanda’s future

On may 29th 2021 a unique conference of Rwandan youth inside and outside Rwanda was held online:How can Rwanda achieve true reconciliation and shared prosperity

For the first time since the 1994 genocide, Rwandan youth inside and outside of Rwanda were engaged in a discussion on cooperation and the future of the country. Speakers were: Johan Swinnen, Belgian ambassador to Rwanda during the genocide and expert Great Lakes Region. Gloria Uwishema  has been politically active for many years. Prosper Iraguha-Shima is an entrepreneur and an expert on trade with the Great Lakes Region in Africa. Dr Egide Ndayishimiye is board member of the Belgian Rwandan human rights organisation Jambo.Find here all about the conference »

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We aim to engage Rwandan and other youth in political, economic, and human rights activism…



We aim to engage Rwandan and other youth in political, economic, and human rights activism…



We aim to engage Rwandan and other youth in political, economic, and human rights activism…