All For Rwanda Transforms into a Global Movement for Rwandan Refugees


15 March 2023

All For Rwanda (AFR), initially a collective of young people keen to contribute to Rwanda sustainable future through diplomacy, peaceful actions, and the advocacy of human rights, has been transformed into a global movement composed of people from all ages, background and nationalitiesmainly Rwandan refugees, to respond more effectively and efficiently to new challenges. It is going to get a new leadership to reflect the new stakeholders and mission.

The transformation was made to respond to an appeal made by a group of fifteen activists in March 2023, to individuals and organizations to address the plight of Rwandan refugees in the DRC.

The movement aims at focusing on campaigning and taking action to provide protection, assistance, and support for a dignified return of refugees, especially those residing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) facing challenging circumstances as a result of the ongoing conflict between the M23/RDF and FARDC in eastern DRC. The conflict has led to severe humanitarian crisis and atrocities against the Congolese population and Rwandan refugees. These refugees have been abandoned for far too long and left at the mercy of rebel groups.

Recognizing AFR’s previous achievements and dedication to refugee advocacy, other participants in the appeal requested the use of AFR’s resources to strengthen their collective efforts.

The movement “All for Rwanda” will learn from past achievements and lessons from previous work, including advocacy efforts in the Netherlands, round tables within the Dutch Parliament, conferences, and the publication of the black book “Our Enemies Will Pay the Price,”

AFR movement aims and objectives include among others:

  • Mobilizing collective resources to support the safe and dignified return of Rwandan refugees to their homeland.
  • Providing protection and assistance to refugees in the DRC and other affected areas.
  • Promoting an inclusive and sustainable Rwanda through diplomacy, peaceful actions, information, and human rights advocacy.

While the overarching goal is to mobilize Rwandans and the international community to ensure the welfare of Rwandan refugees around the world, the immediate and urgent task is to ensure the safety and welfare of refugees most in need, namely refugees in Eastern DRC.

AFR’s transformation showcases its flexibility in adapting to new challenges.

For more information about All for Rwanda movement, its vision and mission, please visit AFR’s website.


Gloria Uwishema

Léandre Karangwa