COVID-19 Updates

Stay informed with COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus has been the focus and its impact on our community and our families recently. We remain vigilant as we monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of Florida. We are weathering this stress and uncertainty with resilience and a commitment, having not forgotten that we are all in this together. We know how important communication and support is throughout the community for all child welfare professionals.

In response to this crisis, we have set up this page on our website to provide child welfare community information such as how they are following directives from our government on COVID-19 within our child welfare system. Our intention is to keep our data up-to-date with input from DCF, Citrus FCN and all agencies that provide services or interact with the child welfare system. In an attempt to help facilitate having information about agency protocol and operating procedures during this crisis, links to each interested party’s contingency plans will be accessible at the bottom of this page.