International version ‘Our enemies will pay the price’

( March 14, 2022 )

The international version of the black book ‘Our enemies will pay the price’ was presented in Belgium, France, and Canada.

The black book gives widely documented facts about the current judicial and political situation in Rwanda and of Rwanda’s activities abroad.

It also gives an overview of how countries deal with extraditions and expulsions to Rwanda.

The book shows page after page that people should not be sent back to Rwanda because Rwanda disregards the rule of law, and Rwanda has bad prison conditions, restrictions on civil liberties and freedom of speech, restriction on the registration and operation of opposition parties, restrictions on activities of journalists and non-governmental organizations.

‘Our enemies will pay the price ’can be found for free on the website allforrwanda.

All for Rwanda is a collective of young people that wants to contribute to Rwanda’s sustainable future, through diplomacy, peaceful actions, information, and the advocacy of human rights.

ARF defends the right of freedom of expression and political freedom.

Because young people are the future of Rwanda, AFR wants to engage them in activities and discussion so they and their children can live in a peaceful, social, harmonious, and prosperous Rwanda.

AFR is powered by DORPA a Belgium based non-governmental organization

For more information:

All for Rwanda

Gloria Uwishema