All For Rwanda condemns the creation of the terrorist movement « Alliance Fleuve Congo»

As an organization dedicated to protecting the rights and security of Rwandan refugees, All For Rwanda issues this statement to express our deep concern and categorical condemnation of the formation of the « Alliance Fleuve Congo », announced on December 15, 2023. We view this coalition as a direct and serious threat to the security of Rwandan refugees in the eastern Congo.

Historically, both individually and collectively, its members such as M23, Twirwaneho, or FRPI have systematically targeted Rwandan refugees, seriously jeopardizing their well-being and security. More importantly, it is crucial to emphasize that the organizations forming this alliance have been formed, supported, and funded by the Rwandan regime. Their consolidation under a new entity represents a subversive maneuver by Kigali, aiming to use these groups as tools to achieve its political and economic goals, not to mention the eradication of Rwandan refugees through violent and deadly means.

We call for the immediate inclusion of the « Alliance Fleuve Congo » on the list of terrorist entities and for it to be treated as such by the international community. This classification is justified by the presence of numerous individuals and organizations clearly identified by the UN expert group and the Congolese state as perpetrators of a multitude of reprehensible acts, including war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the populations of North Kivu. Furthermore, a significant number of the alliance’s leaders are already subject to sanctions from the UN, the United States, and the European Union, underscoring the need for unanimous international condemnation of this terrorist grouping.

We urge the neighboring states of Rwanda and the DRC to recognize the escalating security threat posed by the « Alliance Fleuve Congo », especially in eastern Congo. It is crucial to highlight the essential role played by Kenya in launching the Nairobi process aimed at finding a political and diplomatic solution to the issue of armed groups in eastern DRC. However, any country not condemning this new terrorist alliance risks compromising this process. Operating unhindered from Nairobi, this alliance not only jeopardizes Kenya’s position as an impartial mediator in the crisis but also the still fragile gains achieved so far in this process and the associated hopes, particularly regarding the issue of Rwandan refugees that concerns us. We encourage all stakeholders to work together to preserve regional stability and ensure the success of ongoing diplomatic initiatives.

All For Rwanda reaffirms its solidarity with the Congolese people, who face persistent aggression from the autocratic regime of Paul Kagame. The intensification of this threat over the past two years, marked by the resurgence of M23 proxies, highlights the urgency of the situation. In the event that the Congolese people, in the legitimate exercise of their right, are compelled to resort to force to defend themselves against this new aggression, we will hold President Kagame responsible for the tragic consequences on the Rwandan population that may result from his belligerent actions.


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Norman Ishimwe Sinamenye (Coordinator of the Humanitarian and Human Rights Division of All For Rwanda)

Press Release_AFR – All For Rwanda condemns the creation of the terrorist movement Alliance Fleuve Congo

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